Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers: Linda Mahoney (909)556-2306

Lectors: Holly King (909)862-1699

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Simone Thai (909)890-0508 and Linda Mahoney (see above)

Ushers: Mac Zuick (909)884-6375

Choir: (Del Rosa) Christian Angeles (530pm Mass) 909-522-2879 and Evelyn Trevino (930am Mass) 909-633-2703

(Valencia) Michael Saenz (730am Mass) 909-825-0125

Environment: (Del Rosa) Christi Coy (909)748-7120

Mass Coordinators: (Del Rosa) Andrew Nguyen (5:30pm) 909-567-8358, Dave Coy (9:30am) 909-224-1939

(Valencia) Dora Van Aken (730am) 909-864-4446